Kisaan Sangharsh ke Saath, Corporate Raj ke Khilaaf!

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At the height of the Covid lockdown, the Modi government issued ordinances relating to agriculture, then rammed them through Parliament and made them into Acts. Why the tearing hurry the period of Covid-19 lockdowns to impose changes with a sweeping impact on the people throughout India.

It is now 30 days since lakhs of kisans – women, men, the elderly, youth, children –
braving police lathis and water cannons, reached the gates of Delhi to protest against the three farm Acts of the Modi government. Women kisans are at the forefront of this struggle. The Central Government made a show of negotiating with them, but refused to concede their demand. Now the Modi government is launching a nationwide propaganda campaign against the kisans, trying to defame them. It is time for the people of India to stand up for the struggling kisans, who are braving the cold and hardship and carrying on their battle for their livelihood and for their land.

What do these three Acts do?
* When the APMC mandis close down, the Government will stop procuring grain from the kisans at the Government-declared prices. The kisans will have to sell their crop to private companies like Reliance, Adani, Walmart, and giant foreign grain traders at low prices. Over a period of time crores of small kisans will get squeezed and lose their land, and join the crores of unemployed in our country.
* Independent kisans will become a contract farmers for private corporations, growing what the corporations dictate, and selling it at the price they dictate.
* Private corporations will be allowed to hoard crops, without any limit. Consumers will have to pay the prices fixed by corporations.
* Today two-thirds of India’s people depend on the Public Distribution System (PDS). As the Government stops procuring grain, the Public Distribution System will be wound up and will be replaced by the Private Distribution System of Reliance, Adani, and the Multinational Corporations. The corporations will buy cheap, sell dear, and make huge profits off mass misery. 

All this is a pattern worldwide wherever private corporations get control of agriculture.
The Government is in a tearing hurry to hand over the Railways, BPCL, airports, the
education system, hospitals, electricity companies, in fact every public asset to private corporates. The three Farm Acts are intended to do the same thing to agriculture -- where half of India toils, and from where all of India gets its most basic need, food. In fact, kisans all over India have been resisting attacks on their lands and livelihoods.For this reason, the struggle of the kisans at Delhi today is the struggle of all the people of India, fighting against unemployment, hunger, and Corporate Raj.

We call on all people’s organisations and democratically-minded individuals
to come forward in support of the kisan movement, and participate in this
joint action.


Jagrut Kashtakari Sanghatana is a people-run people's organization working on the democratic rights of the farmers and the working classes based out of Karjat and Raigad in Maharashtra. You can reach out to us here: