Justice for Aiman Zehra!

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Imagine your daughter/younger sister coming back home traumatized with a beaten up face, howling and crying because some man decided that it was okay to rape her!

Just hours ago, a little 3-year-old girl was beaten up and raped by a 20-year-old man in Kashmir. Her name is Aiman Zehra. She was innocent just like many other rape victims in India.

Here's a clip of Aiman Zehra's state after she was beaten up and raped by that man:

Aiman Zehra's state after she was raped and beaten up

There's blood on her face, her leggings are torn, she's howling and crying. She's traumatized. She's so young, she probably didn't even understand what was happening to her. Confused, sad, scared...I can't even imagine how very traumatic this must've been for her! She's opening and closing her legs from the pain she's endured.

This man thought it was completely justified to rape this girl for a few minutes of pleasure. He's traumatized her for life. She's never going to be the same innocent girl she was. Her perspective on life has changed. 

It sickens me to think that there are men who think it's okay to violate one's human rights.

It's so important that we unite and support Aiman Zehra. We need this case to reach the government, the Kashmiri police, and the media.

The Kashmiri police NEEDS to identify the rapist and take strict action against him. Rapists should be hanged or given a life sentence with torture involved so that they endure the suffering that they've caused on the victim. The Indian government NEEDS to ensure that this happens and that there is action taken against ALL RAPISTS!

Also, the Indian media is always ready to cover cases that have a religious angle to it. However, whenever there is no religious angle involved, why isn't there any coverage on this case? 

Stop being biased! The media should report every type of news! Yes, it is important to report news where there is a religious incentive, however, it is also important to report news with no religious incentive/angle involved too! REPORT ALL CASES AND PROVIDE JUSTICE TO THOSE WHO NEED IT. Also, stop censoring rapists' faces, it's important that our society knows who they are so that they can identify them, report them, and stay safe of them. Such people are dangerous! They put many lives at stake. 

We should all extend as much support as we can for Aiman Zehra. Let's surround her with love, positivity, and support. She didn't deserve any of this! No one ever does! Let's fulfil our duty towards her by signing this petition!