Justice for ASIFA

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Dear All,

As we all know about the mishappening that has taken place in our country. An 8-year-old girl ASIFA was brutally raped and murdered by 8 men. 

She was an 8-year-old girl who, while grazing her horses in the month of January, she was followed by a man in the forest. Days later, Asifa Bano’s small, lifeless body was recovered there. 

The prime accused in this case are mostly politically strong people who are being saved. 

Can you imagine how much pain and suffering that little girl might have gone through?

Please stop being a puppet of the system and let's all stand together and demand justice.

It's not only about ASIFA but it's about every girl child, every woman, it's about you, it's about me. 


It's not just one case that has happened, these are the cases that are taking place daily in our country. 

We all must stand by her and fight for her so that the culprits are given CAPITAL punishment. 

Let's all of us unite and stop and remove this heinous crime from our society.

Your signature is only a small step, for us to show our unity and stand for justice.  
Only together we are strong!