Increase Anganwadi workers' basic salary to a minimum of ₹10,000 per month

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Anganwadi workers get ₹3000 per month and helpers get ₹1500 per month from the Central government. Keeping in mind that they are required to do many jobs such as-

  1. Providing kindergarten schooling for kids
  2. Distribution of mid day meals to kids
  3. Distribution of rice and pulses (dal) to villagers
  4. Giving polio drops
  5. Going on rounds for Census
  6. Maintaining records of birth and death
  7. Issuing of birth and death certificates
  8. Maintaining records of pregnant and lactating mothers
  9. Providing vaccination
  10. Enrolling/editing of data of villagers in election card/smart (heath) cards etc.

and many other jobs, their basic salary is very less. In many states they are not allowed to contest in elections stating that they work under the Government. But when they demand a hike in their salary to minimum of ₹18,000 ( The minimum pay for an entry-level government employee per month ) they are said they are not Government workers and their job is only voluntary.

Anganwadi workers have gone on strike many a times but their demands were not accepted and even if accepted, the hike was very small.

So I hereby conclude demanding the Government of India and the Honorable Prime Minister of India, to pay Anganwadi workers a minimum salary of ₹10,000 per month. Please support me in this cause.

Thank you