Improve Railway Service in Western Maharashtra - Sangli Pandharpur Satara Karad Kurduwadi

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Dear Sir

This petition is regarding long pending railway issues of Western Maharashtra Pune, Sangli, Satara, Pandharpur, Kurduwadi railway lines due to which people coming to Sangli APMC Market, Karad,  Kirloskarwadi,  Satara,  Pandharpur,  Kurduwadi are suffering for years. 

The petition demands following actions from Indian railway authorities:

1. Extension of trains upto Sangli,  Kirloskarvadi,  Karad,  Satara so that people from various stations in Satara and Sangli districts can directly reach Pandharpur, Kurduwadi,  Solapur,  Latur,  Belgaum,  Londa,  Hubli.

2. Creation of Miraj Railway Division for smooth railway operations.

3. Setup of Railway Coach factory in Sangli district. 

4. Setup of Locomotive Workshop at Sangli Railway Station. 

5. Provide stoppage of LTT Hubli express,  Goa express,  Ajmer Bangalore express, Gandhidham Bangalore express, Dikshabhoomi express at Kirloskarvadi station.

6. Provide stoppage of Chandigarh Yeswantpur express, Delhi Yeswantpur Sampark Kranti express and Mysuru Udaipur Humsafar express at Sangli and Satara stations. 

7. Creation of two PIT lines at Sangli railway station so that more trains can be introduced to connect Sangli and Satara districts.  

8. Build Daund-Vita-Tasgaon-Sangli rail line via Pune,  Satara and Sangli districts. This rail line will reduce Delhi Bangalore distance by 150 km. 

9. Start trains from Miraj jn to Chennai,  Howrah,  Jammu,  Indore,  Amritsar,  Rajkot,  Coimbatore,  Puri,  Dwarka,  Lucknow,  Patna,  Jaipur,  Ujjain. This will connect Satara and Sangli districts to other parts of India. 

Sangli is the second largest city in Western Maharashtra region after Pune. 

Sangli APMC market also known as Market Yard is the largest Turmeric Market in India, 2nd largest Grape Market of Maharashtra and the largest food grain market of Western Maharashtra.

Sangli APMC market is close to Sangli railway station. But trains from Solapur, Kurduwadi, Pandharpur, Parli Vaijnath, Belgaum, Londa, Castlerock and Hubli come upto Miraj station which is 10 km from Sangli APMC Market. Everyday around 20 thousand people get down at Miraj and come down all the way to Sangli APMC Market by riksha. Riksha fare from Miraj station is around Rs 100/-. People have been requesting railway authorities to extend trains upto Sangli railway station so that people can directly reach APMC Market. But railway authorities have not taken any action on this long pending demand.

E.g. Pandharpur to Miraj ordinary rail fare is Rs 30/-. But Rs 100/- auto ricksha fare is more than the rail fare. This is unfair. People collectively spend almost Rs 365 crores per annum extra for riksha or bus.
Satara, Karad, Kirloskarvadi stations also do not have any train to Solapur, Pandharpur or Kurduwadi.

If trains originating and terminating at Miraj jn are extended to Sangli rail station, people will directly reach Sangli Turmeric and Agro market. This will save their time and boost economy of the region. Extension of trains to Sangli railway station will save money of people and they will reach faster.

It is a humble request to extend below trains:
1. Extend train no 51437 Kurduwadi - Miraj passenger train to Sangli
2. Extend train no 51462 Belgaum - Miraj passenger train to Sangli
3. Extend train no 22145 Pandharpur - Miraj express to Satara
4. Extend train no 51420 Hubli - Miraj passenger train to Sangli
5. Extend train no 22155 Solapur - Miraj express to Karad
6. Extend train no 51464 Belgaum - Miraj passenger train to Kirloskarvadi
7. Extend train no 11048 Hubli - Miraj express train to Sangli
8. Extend train no 51406 Castle Rock - Miraj passenger train to Sangli
9. Extend train no 51425 Parli Vaijnath - Miraj passenger train to Satara or Karad.
10. Extend train no 51432 Londa - Miraj passenger train to Kirloskarvadi

This is long pending demand of people which can be met by extension of existing trains.

Please extend the train services at earliest. .


Thanks and Regards
Sangli Rail Development group