Hon. PM Narendra Modi, Kerala deserves a decent package to rebuild. #notenough

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3000 crores (420 million dollars) to build a statue, but a mere 500 crores (7 million) to the flood afflicted community. Is this a genuine people’s government?

Malayalees have shown their grit and courage fighting the recent floods that is estimated to have damaged 20,000 crores (200 billion dollars) of wealth including houses, agricultural lands and infrastructure (these figures are yet to be officially finalised). While this is the case, the central government under BJP rule has not come forward to help Kerala in a substantial way (not forgetting the fact that army and other essential mechanisms were deployed at the request of the Kerala govt which was of great assistance). This ought to happen in any other scenario elsewhere in India. However, an interim relief package of 500 crores will not be sufficient enough to recreate Kerala back to its original shape. Moreover, there are reports that the central govt is restricting foreign fundings that could be of great assistance (UAE offered 700crores). 

We request PM Narendra Modi to proactively take steps to ensure the rebuilding of Kerala by declaring a package to assist Kerala with immediate effect. This is time to stand for Kerala and support Kerala. Let’s keep aside political differences at this stage at least. 

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