Andaman against name change, let's be the change

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The residents of Andaman and Nicobar ,

The youth of this emerald islands and so does its elder believe in peace and prosperity this islands have kept for long

We as a whole Firmly believe that changing the name of islands will neither raise the feeling of patriotism within us, nor will it decrease the level of poverty people are facing. Infact, islands like Havelock, Neil, and Ross are popular worldwide and changing their name might end up loosing the identity of decades of an individualistic personality and our, the face of Andamans', connection to these places.

We do agree we need change in our sense of patriotism into a better one . But changing of name changes our sense of connection to that place the emerald islands of our nation 

We agree respecting our war heroes is a necessary step but we should never forget, how the Ross islands saved our main islands by breaking the tsunami

The sense of patriotism is engraved in us too prime minister , but we as whole are deeply have engraved to these places   

We as a whole, kindly request The Supreme Court of law of our beloved nation to come forward and kindly address our grievance 

Please join us in our cause.