Close unused and open pits in all over India

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All unused borewell and used pit which kept open to be closed as India is losing a futuristic talent young generation as accidentally children or some body fell in to it and gets died and some may also get rescue but if we close we can avoid this incident. As we see many incidents like this majorly in India as we are losing our future generation so I request Indian government to look in to this immediately now and keep a note of monitoring how much it is closed and how much still in open and there should be a notice board or caution label to be placed for the safer of the people to get aware of it today whole India is crying sujith death as we lost him from this world as we would need to have developed technology  we have more and more developed country but we should keep ashamed our ourselves that as a each citizen that even we cant able to save a child from this incident as we cant blame the government for this issue at the same time the government only can support to take action on this as India is large country as it grows more and more large in coming future 

I request this petition to be signed by each individual as atleast raising one voice to government to take their support. 

Let's us raise hands together Indian citizen