Chennai water problem - Sea water desalination

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Chennai the 4th largest city in India and an economy powerhouse is the heart beat of the south with a diverse mix of tradition and modernization. The city has been continuously over years been battered with water shortage and judging by how quickly the city is expanding  and growing the water woes would become from bad to worse. Water being a basic commodity  is essential  for survival and is a basic necessity. The combined effect of global warming, environmental  change, bad water management and various other geological and political  factors has left a sizeable population of Indian citizens suffering  without water; and the answer lies right before our eyes. Chennai has this vast coastline  and implementing  a sea water desalination  system  like in Israel would help provide a long term solution and would also create new employment  oppertunities. It is a win win for everyone. The horrors of water shortage  is real and is a health disaster waiting to happen. People are buying water at exuberant  price and are delivered water which are unclean with risk of dangerous pathogens. Chennai needs help and hoping it would  not be ignored any more.