Ban against reservation in any field in India

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I am a normal 10 std student who faced discrimination. This was through reservation. Take the Maharashtra state ntse stage - 1 where cut off marks for general category people was 113 but for sc/st people it was 92! A 20 marks difference that too in an examination with negative marking. This is huge discrimination. I scored 93. It was hard to accept that these sc/st people went forward. I can understand handicapped people, they can be given some chance but why sc/st people. Why should we suffer because we belong to general category.

Similarly, many of you would have travelled through public transport. You would have seen reservation there also. I mean, just for a seat for a few stops you get reservation!Women, why do they need reservation, they speak about being capable to compete men, then why tbey want reservation in such petty matters. Old and handicapped, we can understand and that is our duty towards them.

If youbget my point and feel the same, then help me to raise the issue.