Army Cannt roads should not be opened for everyone

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 Army cantonments are not just excess area restricted. In there are thousands of families living  and  they also include ladies and children living alone as their husbands are in field areas what sense of safety will they have if there is heavy amount of crowd using the passage. Even well built aparments dont let people enter unless and until  they have come to meet someone  living there and that is also verified  on call. Army cantonments  are well maintained  and that is because the people who use it are living there they keep it clean  .Outsiders include people from all walks of life  why would they care for cleanliness if its just a one time passage for them.  Just imagine you  have a large garden and all of the sudden someone tells you to make it  available for everyone to enter.  Will you be happy with the decision?i am pretty sure you wont. What protection  will an Indian army soldier give standing on the border if his own family is not safe. Please support for Army cantonments to remain closed for outsiders. 





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