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I want braille on Indian currency.

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Today, we are going to discuss an important topic among all the people who I think you will definitely get raised somewhere in their minds, but perhaps you do not show all those who are especially associated with the blind people. also help bring awareness sighted relationship between Sighted |


So let us come to the point that we talk about the facilities of the visually impaired and the currency we use does not have any sign in braille on the currency which is very important for the blind, because the currency is not only the world but our Personal life also has a lot of relationship and apart from this, the person who is not inferior is educated and then under his jurisdiction, They must be marked


Signs advantage of stamping on the currency in Braille -:


1} currency quickly identify

Any person who is inferior to Braille will also recognize the currency as soon as the person with vision


2} role Braille containing currency to increase awareness

Braille-based currency is useful not only for blind people, but also to educate the blind people among vision, because the currency is an object that ranges from every small village to every big city and when Braille containing the currency will reach among the people and who will not be familiar with Braille will ask the year of curiosity, what is it that they also know about this matter Oga that vision blind person can be educated in this way grow awareness of this


3} New availability Blinds in the employment sector

Visually impaired people will also get new availability in the field of employment as there is a braille currency, because there are many areas where currency transactions are done directly and no other medium is used. you will receive a measure him on the basis of which can be obtained in this way employment


Apart from this, there are many benefits of Braille currency, which is not possible to show in a small message, but considering this brief benefit, it is essential that the Braille currency is not only visible to the society, but also the vision bank will also provide an important role in adjusting


Braille our step to gaining currency with


If we want to get Braille currency, then we will all have to take a step together and our small effort will not only reach the government and the RBI, but we will have to make an effort to meet all of us. Only then will we succeed in achieving this goal, even though some people say that braille can meet but this is not a logic because of its A. Other plastic seats etc. Options can be used and some people say that the currency is much thicker than Braille, then it is also a complete argument because today in this modern era, the transfer of large cost is not directly and anyway big the cost of transfer is not directly secured

In this way, we expect that you understand our thoughts and you will surely do everything in this regard.

Thank you

Aftab Ali, Bhopal (M. P.)
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