Providing free N-95 masks and spreading proper awareness about the ongoing viral outbreak

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We all realised the ongoing dread among people due to the sudden coronavirus outbreak. However medical institutions and pharmacies have been using this fear of ours and are channeling their profits through it. It is seen that the prices of the very necessary masks and sanitizers have risen upto 40 times. Also diagnosis have also been charged a large amount in present times of dread. It is necessary for us to take proper caution and protect ourselves from such an outbreak. If, at all, such hike in prices goes on, the health of the people is compromised. I, therefore, request to please sign this petition and contribute towards the common Heath interest of all. I also request to kindly allow this petition to be relayed among those willing to help.  

Providing free N-95 would be a progressive method to prevent the spread of this virus and also help in tackling the sudden hike in prices and also maintain the Heath sector of the nation.