Restart old pension scheme for government employees

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This demand of employees is not only an issue of pension restoration but also a matter of political vileness. After January 2004, NPS employees appointed, whose names give the name of the New Penshion Scheme but in fact it is no Penshion scheme.
If the form of pension is seen in the form of 25-30-35 years, after getting retirement, after getting deduction of a fixed amount every month, continuously with his salary, earning a pension from the government for living on the collected amount. By abolishing the old pension scheme, the government is snatching the sticks of old age. Amazingly, this old pension system for the honorable MPs and legislators, in the political system talking about ideals, once started taking oath after the second day. Not only this, but for the people, this arrangement is available for 2-3 persons even for one person, while there is no provision for deduction of any money from their salaries.
In any way, adopting double standards in the democratic system, constitutional and fundamental rights have been abrogated. If the government thinks NPS is a better system then the same system should be implemented for itself.
In the proper development of any nation and society, the safe and secure life of old age is the most important. In this order, the demand from the government is quite reasonable that restoring the old pension arrangements in the country, a uniform system should be applied to all under a national principle.