Allow Cigarettes and Tobaccos during COVID-19 lockdowns

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As we all know that India and the entire world is going through Coronavirus and the entire Globe is taking the required steps to prevent it from spreading. In India, many educational institutes, entertainment centers, and other crowded places have been closed down during the COVID-19 lockdown and people are advised to stay home to help others and the nation to fight this deadly virus.

We respect the decision taken by the Indian government to prevent the people from the deadly Coronavirus. At the same time, it is very difficult for most of us to obey the orders and remain home for these many days. Around 70% of the Indian population is addicted to smoking and chewing tobacco. All the shops (pan-parlors) selling Cigarette and Tobacco has also been locked down, which are forcing the people (especially young generation) to step out of the house on a hunt to relieve their stress.

People are coming out of their rooms and houses to find Cigarettes and Tobacco, which clearly is worsening the situation. They are putting their own-self in danger and obviously the other too. Vendors who are providing the Cigarette and Tobacco are doing it illegally and at 50 or 60% more price.

Anyways, with that being said if you agree to the following:

  1. Shops for providing Cigarettes and Tobaccos should be opened for a certain amount of hours daily or on alternate days.
  2. Addiction is one of the reasons for stepping out of the houses/rooms.
  3. It will help many of the people to stay calm/focused and within their houses.
  4. It will help people to obey orders.

Then, please sign this petition and share it as much as possible.

Thank You!