A Minor Rapist should also be given the same punishment as given to the adult rapists.

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When a boy or a man committs a crime like RAPE, then since that moment, he is not a human being anymore. He has become a devil or an animal. So, when it comes to punish an animal, then there should be no biasness regading age. An animal should not be allowed to move freely anywhere otherwise he will again bite or harm someone. Even if you don't agree with me, turn back and take a look on " " NIRBHAYA GANGRAPE CASE " .

One of the accused of NIRBHAYA GANGRAPE CASE  was the Bus Conductor who was also a minor as he was 17 years old at the time of crime. So, His name was not revealed as it was not permitted by law.

On 31 August 2013, the juvenile was convicted of rape and murder. He was given a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment in a reform facility inclusive of the eight months he spent in remand during his trial.He was released on 20 December 2015.

This bastard deserves much more than this when it comes to punishment as he was the most violent amongst all the six accused. He was the only one who convinced jyoti and his friend to board the bus. He was the only one who pulled out the intestine of that female victim out of her body.

How he got punished with the sentence of just three years imprisonment as he was the most brutal amongst all the six convicted ?

He should not be treated as a juvenile in this case as his actions while committing the terrible crime would not match the actions performed by the boys of that age. According to his age, he should not be the part of this intense crime but still he made himself involved so deeply in this crime. He was equally responsible for bringing jyoti into that terrible condition as like remaining five accused.


If you really want to make changes in the law regarding a minor committing rape, then do sign this petition.

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