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Tax On Bitcoin In India

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Bitcoin or any other CryptoCurrency is created to serve the Purpose of the anonymous Without Limit and no central government to take control over it.

Today Its India Tomorrow it can be Whole World

When its Comes to India Where Government is Chosen By the People From the People For the people 

Where Who has power taking control over the India. Where Indian Government Seen a rapid Growth of Bitcoin Price Going up and wanted to Make use of this Opportunity Make Money out of it so that all money can go to the Pockets of Power Holders in India .

The Best Official Way they Chosen is To add tax 20% on Bitcoin in india,ya Funny Keyword Right Tax. They wanted to Add tax Where 10%- 30% tax is only reaching People of India For development and rest of them are disappearing magically.


Tax is value which is added to Run the Government by taken money from people from there monthly income to develop Country so that justice and People can live there Freedom and securing the Life of Every Indian

Its Not Legal or not illegal But Government is asking tax How Stupid that is?

And This one of the country who Banned Smoking Cigarettes but Still Give permit to Build Tobacco company.

They Banned Plastic Bags but they give licenses to Make Plastic Bag.

Because they want Tax money they don't care of People 

But Why to Pay tax for Bitcoin where they cant sure them for us save it safe which they cant control every human wanted to pay something which can make his life happy and help him in survival of his life when by adding tax in bitcoin if people are not getting paying any Benefit Why to pay tax then to develop country where Every Indian see News every day seeing some or the other getting corrupted or misuage tax payed by people, In this Game of Life is Survival Mode to win it You need always think and act smart even after raising voice nothing Happening in this country. 

Where India has been Developing Countries since Ages Even India Got its Freedom.

I Heard from An India And i Quote "My Great Grand Father Said India is Developing Country And he passed Out later ,Later My Grand Father Said India is Developing country and he passed out 8 Years Ago, My father said India is Developing and so do i and i don't want to say India is Developing Country any more I wanted to say Him Son India Is a Developed Country and We are living in it 

Indian wanted there Country to be developed but not this way Knowing your customer "KYC" for  Bitcoin Purchase and sale Is not valid turm they wanted to take more money from you  Why to Provide "KYC" Where you are not a Customer When Government Is not Providing any Service.

Raise your voice Spread the Word Every Indian Has His Full Freedom And Right to Provide or not to Provide His Identity As for His Wish Making this Mandatory Is Killing Of Freedom Where Many Indian Dead for 100 Years and much more 

Feel Free to Donate To Make this Reach More People And India Government stay away and finding new ways to Robing money If you can't Donate There are many ways to Help Share the Link and ask them to Sign up and spread the Word online.

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