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Stop Willfulness in name of communalism pay attention to actual meaning of secularism

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  • Decision to ban mechanised slaughter house in Uttar Pradesh absolutely wrong ..... Why not ban all meat will serve good idea
  • Uttar Pradesh account for nearly 50%  India total meat export .such decision will affect livelihood of nearly 25 lakhs people directly and indirectly
  • Being in a Secular and Democratic country every individual has a right to eat whatever they choose to eat . its our fundamental right . nobody can control what we should eat or not . state should not impose ban on certain food culture in any form of people
  • Banning any kind of meat consumption or asking to stop usage of any kind of meat absolute wrong idea for any citizens and even for maintaining peacefull enviroment because our India constitution has given right to freedom of choice
  • Eating any kind of meat is not crime, rape ,murder or discrimination
  • Human being are biological omnivorous we have features and organ that allow us to digest plant as well as any kind of meat
  • Large no of people associated with slaughter house industry will be unemployed. People might indulge in illegal trade ...banning might deprive poor section people in consumption of chief source of protein.
  • Banning slaughter house will only create conflicts,,, create controversy between religious personal ,, which will ultimately lead to riots, fear ,agony ,,barbaric atmosphere of tension difficult to survive 
  • If anything which need to be banned is  defiantly..... rape,,honour killing,,polygamy,,, sexual assaults,,, child abuses,,corruption,,,, alcohol consumption      ,,,,, chewing tabbacco etc

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