Fight for middle class society @ Goverment's Income Tax Policy.

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This is regarding tax structure, its benifits and exemptions for middle class salaried group in India in the current financial year.Goverment is only counting income of individual,but what about the huge necessary expenses.Now everything in market is so expensive like LPG,Petrol, Vegetables ,House rent, Medical, Education and Other day to day necessary life expenses.In front of this whatever govt is giving exemption is not enough. So Goverment should consider expenses too in IT return for salaried group like business holder are getting benifit by showing their expenditure  .Minimum govt should give benifit till 5-6 lakh annual income,because anyone who is earning annually 5-6 lakh  they dont have any saving due to thier day to day life expenses.For a middle class family consist of  3-5 person has a minimum expence of 6-8 lakh annualy if we do many cuts and after all middle class salaried person has to bear huge tax deduction due to current tax policy,so Govt should either increase exemption in Tax or they should consider expenditure too while filling tax for salaried person whose income is 5-6lakh annualy.