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Justice for Asifa: Inquiry under Supreme Court Observation

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Asifa Bano​ is a name resonating in every Indian home today. She had her whole life ahead of her.​ ​And​ we as a country have failed to protect her short life time. We now have a duty to defend the honour of her death.​

With her death died a thousand possibilities that this child's life held. Also died a little part of everyone she loved, and we hope, a little part in all of us.

That she was raped repeatedly by merciless men has become global news. As student ambassadors to the United States of America​ through the Fulbright-Nehru mission​, we feel ashamed and helpless, reading about this noted international newspapers. The only way to reclaim our patriotic pride ​on international platforms ​is to ensure that the perpetrators are tried in the highest court of law, and justice is done. The only way we can ​once again ​proudly call ourselves Indians is to ​as​sure the world that we treasure our children and women, ​and will not abide by ​​rapists and murderers walking our land.

To imagine what this child went through shakes the very fibre of our being. She was alone, drugged and invaded by monstrous men, who make us question the meaning of what it means to be human. She was beaten, and her murder was one of ​apathetic ​convenience. It is not hard to imagine that another child is close to danger, as long as these men roam the free world.

​We also fear that this child's life will be easy prey for a​ politician's communal agenda that will no doubt be leveraged to turn people against one another​​.​ We will become drawn into an emotionally voyeuristic media storm that will have little to do with justice and will serve only to create unnecessary communal strife.​ We appeal to you to ensure the focus remains on this child and her family, who will have to wake up everyday to the knowledge that their child will never see the sun again or go to school or grow up to perhaps have children of her own some day. Most importantly, they will never know why they were the victims of such a heinous, senseless crime. Give them peace.

We are looking to you, Hon'ble Chief Justice of India, as Indians abroad, to help us remain proud of our homeland​, by bringing these criminals to justice.​​​​​​​

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