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Dedicate half page of newspaper/15 mins TV byte for women’s plight everyday

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The power of mass media is clearly visible in the on going protest against the Delhi gang rape. It is tough to say right now that whether this movement will be able to bring all the required changes (social, legal, psychological) to render India a safer place for women, but for sure it has caught the awareness of the millions and this would not have happened without the cooperation of mass media.

According to National Crimes Record Bureau in 2011 alone, a total 24,206 rape cases have been reported out of which only in 26% cases culprits have been convicted. We know, in India rape incidents are treated like stigma to the family and in most of the cases relatives prefer not to complain to police at all and in many cases reluctance at the end of police makes it further difficult, so it can safely be assumed that in reality rape incidents must be more than twice the reported numbers i.e approx 50,000 rape incident are annually committed.

If media gives adequate cover to rape cases by highlighting the plight of victims and at the same time disclosing the identity of monsters, multiple purposes will be solved.

1. Number of rape cases unreported will be reduced i.e justice will be delivered.
2. Fear of media will act as deterrent for reluctant police officer; hence they will readily lodge the FIR that would ultimately reduced the agony of the victim (Patiala gang-rape case).
3. Disclosed identity of rapist will help in socially boycotting the culprit; it will definitely help like a deterrent.
4. Media attention will force the administration and police to swiftly act to provide justice to the victim; JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED.
5. Media coverage will raise the social capital there by uprooting the attitude of misogyny prevalent in the society.
6. Public apathy can be turned into public awareness; Energy of youth can be constructively channelize (Delhi gang rape protest)
7. The govt will be on toes once it will face the regular anger and protest of people; an alert administration can effectively check such incidents.

We therefore request all sorts of mass media that they do not let the hope of nation shatter. You can save a woman's plight and a nation's pain. Different types of media such as print, TV, internet should work out a format as well as timing to highlight this barbarous crime on humanity.

Stop the Almighty from getting embarrassed for He thought we are his best creation.

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