Change in failure system in India

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It's high time we change the way in our education system works. Recently the results of re-exams came from many colleges, and many students failed. Yes, few of my friends failed as well. I am writing it because of them, it is also true.

I just want to ask a question, if a person fails at 49. If 49 marks out of 100 are considered bad, then how come 50 marks are good enough for a person to pass the subject. 

I think this is a mistake, I think we need to change this. I would like to give a solution from my point of view. Suppose any university/college/school considers 50 marks as passing marks, then some percentage of marks before it should be considered as warning marks. If a person gets below those warning marks, then consider him fail.

Then, according to my theory, if 50 marks are passing, then about 10% to 20% marks must be reserved as warning marks. That means a student getting marks between 40-49 should get a warning about increasing their marks or improving the subject, but he/she should not fail the subject. Below 40 would mean really bad marks, then the student should get another chance to improve their marks and you can fail them.

This system has its own flaws I know and I am happy if people just start talking about it. If a person has taken Computers as their field of engineering, studying physics, chemistry and maths could be difficult. Make strict rules for the main or important subject, but some subjects are just not that important and if a student fails that subject, he/she should be given enough leniency in marks so he/she can cope up. 

Believe me, I am not a bad student, I am one of the good students in my class. I have scored well in 90's in both 10th and 12th exams. I am just doing it because I feel this is right. Yes, few of my friends suffered from this system and I am speaking up now for them, but I believe everything has a cause, that was mine.

Also, I don't know whether this system is applied anywhere in the world. I just the idea when discussing with few friends of mine, so I just posted.