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Dentistry by itself have gone to the Goons.

This is hence being proved correct by various Practitioners, both new and old, sticking to Non-Ethical and Indecent way of Advertising their Practise Only to Gain a handful of Patients by Quantity. This has lead to the point that Patients have started Exploiting Dentists and have started Bargaining for their Treatment, making most Ethical Practitioners ashamed and Embarassed most of the times. Even publication of offers through pamphlets, deals on various deal sites and giving away offers publically to such an extent that the Profession is no longer a Respected Profession amongst many Patients. Most often, Patients refer Clinics to as Shops now a days and quote themselves as Customers rather than patients.


Many State Dental Councils have framed a minimal Charge and Common Platform so that All Practitioners Earn their half of Bread and Butter, "ethically", but due to some Practitioners, this is leading to Mockery.

Dentistry is not Saturated, it has got Tarnished!!!

I humbly and most respectfully, request you to Pledge the following and Sign this Petition for the reason that Indian Dental Association, State Dental Councils and Dental Council of India make a "Vigilance and Ethical Committee" or a body that can take appropriate action such as Issuing Warning, or taking Legal action of Barring Practise of such Unethical Dentists who are tarnishing the Image of Dentistry in India. I also urge the governing Bodies to make a Charter to ensure Dentistry is followed Ethically so that the Profession Gains its Reputation and Keeps all Practitioners on a common platform.

By signing the Petition, you will Pledge:

- Never to indulge into Mockery Business and take out cheap publications by giving offers thereby degrading the Morale of Young and Budding Practitioners.

- Never to Offer discounts Publically only to defame reputation, not relating to personal offers given inside clinic premises.

- Always keep the Profession High and make sure that there is no indulgence of Non Ethical Practise.

- Form a Team of Like Minded Dentists till the time the Body doesn't take a call, the Team or Group of Dentists will resolve and Request the UnEthical Practitioners to STOP such Practise in a Polite Manner not Leading to any Legal or Harsh Consequences. After the Body is Formed by IDA, SDC or DCI, the Private body will Dissolve.

- Never Defame or Insult any Colleague or Dentist or Clinic in front of any Patient, NO MATTER WHAT!!! If a practitioner has not been able to perform Quality Treatment, you offer to improvise it, without defaming him/ her.


Thank You Gentlemen and Looking Forward for Support.


- In Favour and Future of All Dental Practitioners, its time to make a 'CHANGE'!!!!!

Dr. Vikram Suri, Dr. Ripin Garewal and Many More Practitioners!!!!

("Just Initiators, Not Leaders")

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