FidoMotus Defence Relief Fund

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                                   Fidomotus Defence Relief Fund

Shri. N. K. Roy (an ex - serviceman from the IAF) post retirement had been serving the personal conveyance needs of the Defence community for the past 20 years under the brand name of Roys Royal. Being our father and mentor, he has always taught us to be righteous and make sure that we do every bit to help others who are in need. This is something that can be vouched by anyone and everyone who has known Mr. Roy, popularly called ‘Dada’.

Taking a leap further, we with our start-up “FidoMotus" have envisioned a larger goal of not only serving the personal conveyance needs of the forces pan India but also to give back to the defence community. For this cause, we propose to set up a FidoMotus Defence Relief Fund for the families of defence personnel who have sacrificed their lives on line of duty. In this fund, we shall contribute a percentage with every successful transaction that we do. Also, we propose to have this "Relief Fund" merged to the National Defence Fund to be centrally controlled by the Defence Ministry for its optimum utilization.

The ‘Fidomotus Relief Fund’ would have a transparent transaction detail for everyone to view it. And this fund shall be raised solely by Fidomotus on the profit it earns from each successful transaction. There would not be any charge or donation asked from any of its customers.

As we all know the PM’s Scholarship Scheme is also mitigated through the National Defence Fund. Herein, an amount of Rs. 5500 is allocated for the wards of ex-servicemen of forces controlled by Ministry of Defence. Which boils down to Rs. 66,000/- annually. This amount could suffice only one such student of the many that we know.

This initiative would then be a success only when it reaches the maximum number of beneficiaries. Being a part of the Defence fraternity, we understand what it takes to make the Nation safe and secure.  It is our earnest endeavour to make this initiative a success with your help and support.

Now, as it is said that "Charity begins at home", so to begin with we wish to make a humble contribution of Rupees Fifty One Thousand Only (Rs. 51000 /- ). Join us to make a difference.

Who can Sign?

1.       Any defence personnel, retired or serving.

2.       Ward or dependant of any defence personnel  

Why Should You Sign the Campaign –

Step 1 - A sign of yours would not cost anything, it is just a signature. However, this signature would help us understand the virtual support you show us in our cause. The armed forces in India are one big family and every family member needs your support. This signature of yours is that ‘support’ for us. This signature campaign would make us understand how many people think that we have a taken the right step.

Step 2 - Once we have a considerable number of signatures, we can elect the advisory board who would manage this fund.

Step 3 – The advisory board will be elected by the people who sign the campaign for it to remain transparent.  The advisory board will overlook every contribution that shall take place.

Step 4 – Once this advisory board is elected, we shall issue a public notice highlighting our core principles and directives.

The power to change is in your signature take this opportunity to be a part of this noble cause. We are looking at a minimum of 1000 signees for this campaign. Campaign shall start from 1st JUNE 2018 till 31st AUGUST 2018. Your signature gives us the strength and re-assurance that together we can make a change.