Say 'NO' to plastic toys in India. They are unregulated, toxic to kids and our Earth

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Say NO to plastic toys. I implore you to join me in this mission to free ourselves, the kids, from dangerous effect on our health caused by plastic toys. And their effects on our environment and oceans, centuries after we discard them

Recent studies by the Indian Council of Medical Research study found that plastic toys available here in India have phthalates above the prescribed limit. In some of them as much as ten times the safe limit. The study found nearly 67 per cent of the imported toys failing the quality test. An estimated 70-80 per cent of the market demand for toys is met by imports, with China contributing to 75-85 per cent

Phthalates are chemicals found in many plastics, including food packaging, bottles, straws and yes, our toys. 

So far, study on Phthalates have shown damaging health effects like

- Shrinking brain size,

- Increased risk of allergic disease 

- Abnormal genital and behavioural developmental.

These plastic toys are NOT RECYCLABLE either! Most of the plastic toys we happily use to damage our health, do absolutely no good to our environment either. They end up in landfills and even worse, in our oceans, killing a HUGE lot of our marine life.

Turtles as young as 2 days old were found dead because of plastic in their tummies. 

If this is not reason enough, I don't know what else is! I implore all parents to STOP BUYING PLASTIC TOYS as a token of love towards your kids. Your love is killing us, and the planet. Let alone burning a hole in your pocket. 

Say NO to plastic toys