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My Dear Indians,

The recently enacted Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019, is one of the logical act enacted by the Indian Parliament. Following are the salient things about this act:

1. The Act does not dwell in ambiguity so that the loop holes can be exploited later, it clearly lays who can expect what, clearly states the source of issue, and it is not afraid to take a clear stand. 

2. CAA does not impact Indian citizens in any manner. It relates to individuals who are not citizens of India.

3. CAA is meant ONLY for persecuted MINORITIES of Pakistan, Bangaldesh and Afghanistan. Muslims of these countries are not minorities in their respective countries. They are majorities. India has no obligation to support to majorities world over.

4. Mass migration in 1971, from Bangladesh to India, led to India liberating Bangladesh from Pakistan. CAA is a peaceful means to solving a similar issue. This legal action should be viewed as a continuity of 1971 liberation of Bangladesh, and finished an incomplete agenda of 1947 partition.

5. Minority's population size has drastically  reduced in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan betwen 1947 to 2019. This is due to thier persecution for this period. It is a statement of fact, and not meant to be offensive.

6. Non-muslims who have come to india from these countries are here due to persecution (generally in 95% cases), while muslims came to India for better life. Immigration for to "better life" is always controlled by every sovereign country. This is a global rule with immigration policies. 

7. The CAA is not divisive as Christains have been considered for citizenship. Hindu Tamilians from Sri Lanka are not considered for citizenship. So there is no bias in favor of Hindus. It considers all religions based on merits of the case, and those excluded are not persecuted. Any intra religious conflicts in Islam is to be treated seperately as it relates to proving which form of worship is superior. 

8. A sovereign country has right to decide whom it wants into the country.

9. CAA indicates that India is compasionate with persecuted people, not necessasily Hindus. 

10. Governance is a continuous process and should fulfill needs of the times. 

In view of above logical points, I support the CAA, and it is enacted to show empathy for  persecuted minorities of these 3 countries. This LAW,  in no ways violates the constitutional rights of Indian muslims. 

I respect the rights of all indians, followers of all religions in India including my Muslims brothers, and i do not foresee any threat to them either. 

Jai Hind