Let's support our prime minister Narendra Modi ji

Let's support our prime minister Narendra Modi ji

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1. His Stand Against Divisive Politics

Right after Modi was elected as Gujarat's Chief Minister in 2002, the Godhra riots broke out in which more than 1000 Indians were killed. It was a sensitive time which he handled well enough as a first time CM.


Since Independence there have been over 90 massacres and hundreds of riots. However, Gujarat was the only state to set up a court to investigate and jail the culprits. Modi had to face Special Investigation Team (SIT) probes several times after being alleged to have an active role, but was given the clean chit eventually.



2. His Handling Of Terrorism And Security Threats

The attacks of 26/11 proved, how vulnerable our nation was to infiltration and attacks. If it were not for NSG, Army, and police the collateral damage would have been far worse.


After the attack on Pathankot airbase every thing seemed to change, the terrorists had strict instructions from their Pakistani handlers to destroy Indian assets. The infiltration in the Pathankot airbase was detected by a drone that was deployed for regular patrolling. The authorities sealed the entire area and neutralized them in less than three days with minimal damage to civilian life and property.


Apart from this, India is also prepping its military arsenal by entering joint partnerships with France, USA, Russia and Israel. The arsenal predominantly includes nuclear capable submarines, F-16s, rockets and choppers. These will help ensure security at Indian borders at all times.



3. His Lobbying For Permanent Unsc Membership For India

Modi travelled to various countries, and was dubbed the 'NRI Prime Minister' by some. What they didn't note was that by travelling so extensively he was furthering three key agendas: improving relationships with countries, inviting investments and winning support for India's permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).


After travelling and inviting ambassadors and leaders from countries like the US, Germany, Russia, France and Japan, he achieved almost everyone's support for India's UNSC bid. This support was a direct result of his efforts to showcase India's eligibility for a position on this international platform.



4. Decision Making Abilities

At the time of his governance in Gujrat, PM Narendra Modi demonstrated his extraordinary decision making skills, a trait which isn't seen too often in Indian politicians. His non-nonsense approach in making key executive decisions and ensuring quick implementation are pivotal to his effective governance model.



5. Clear Vision For India’s Future

PM Modi has envisioned a "long jump" for changing the economic and social face of India. Keeping the poor and underprivileged in focus of all the government policies, he has come up with P2 G2 (Pro-Poor, Proactive and Good Governance) approach.


At policy level, the Modi government will continue focusing on "Jan Dhan" or financial inclusion of the poor. The two new aspects are also included: "Jal Dhan" programmes for increasing agriculture network, and "Van Dhan" programmes for protecting forest resources.



6. Powerful Mass Appeal

Narendra Modi has a huge mass appeal and there's a strong reason as to why crowds gather in large numbers to hear him. His campaigns have been multidimensional focusing on youth empowerment, fighting corruption, wiping out terrorism and much more. With an aim to replicate socio-economic success, he strives to connect with the masses on a deeper level.



7. Contemporary Uniform Civil Code

According to Article 44 in Part IV of the Constitution of India – Directive Principles of State Policy, “The state shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India.”


This suggests that all Indians shall be governed by common law on matters of marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, maintenance and the like. This puts an end to confusion and chaos of different religious personal laws and offers a fair dignity to every citizen. Modi has vowed to enforce a contemporary uniform civil code for harmonising tradition with today’s times.



8. Abrogation Of Article 370

This Article comes in Part 21 of the Constitution and pertains to the Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions. It resulted with a 1974 accord between Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah which restored peace in Jammu and Kashmir. It renders political and administrative autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir in all matters except defence, atomic energy, CBI, foreign affairs, railways, ports, maritime security, elections, currency and the like. It aimed to allow time for political injury to heal but it has turned into a bargaining tool.


For a healthy democracy, all states must be equal. Special status and special category likely create a sense of entitlement that hurts India. Either Article 370 must be removed or it must apply to all states.



9. Rationalisation Of Ministries

Modi vows to rationalise ministries and departments.It's likely that that ministries may merge to form a lean and mean cabinet. Near about 30 ministries could work more efficiently for India become more focused. The UPA had a lot of ministries which resulted in every minister doing or not doing as they pleased.



10. Proactive Diplomacy

Modi is well on his way to expand and empower India’s pool of diplomats. Part of his proactive diplomacy has begun with the invites to neighbour countries for his swearing-in ceremony. It is refreshing to see New Delhi take charge. How the neighbours respond is of interest but it takes nothing away from the initiative. In time, Modi says he would work to regain the glory India once had. This is worth it. India was world mentor once and can still be so, with hard and intelligent work.




We need to support our pm , he doing great

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