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harshit 011 started this petition to Indian Central Government and

SUBJECT- On April 4 2021 our security forces like district
reserve guard (D.R.G.), Special Task Force(S.T.F.),Cobra (210
Battalion) went to forest of Chhattisgarh for ambush moist
(naxal) but the maoist knew about the planning of soldiers
because someone leaks the planning and when they reached to
the place of maoist. The moist were already prepared started
firing in which 22 soldiers sacrifice their life, more than 30
soldiers were hospitalized and 1 jawan is missing in Bijapur
Sukma district Chhattisgarh.
TO STATE GOVERNMENT-I want to ask some question to
government of Chhattisgarh
How the maoist got knowledge about that planning of soldiers?
Who is responsible for such a great loss??
When will the traitor be caught??
What punishment will get??
Why didn’t you ask for Air Force help from central
When will all the maoist be killed??
Why do you not organize a committee to ask for investigation
from state government or central government??

TO SUPREME COURT- Honourable S.A. Bobde sir please
interfere in the matter of maoist attack and order Central and
State government to make law against maoist and also decide a
cruel punishment for these maoist and traitor. So that on one
dare to trait with us in future.
Sir I just want to ask why our judicial system is bent toward
I am sorry if I said something Wrong….
TO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT-Honourable @narendra_modi sir
honourable @ramnath_kovind sir honourable @amit_shah sir
honourable @rajnath sir I hope that you all are aware of
maoist attack of Chhattisgarh sir I hope that you will take
appropriate action against maoist and traitor.
Thank you……
TO CITIZEN OF BHARAT- I want to ask for your help for the
soldiers who are either sacrifice their life or hospitalized .
Please rise your voice for them I know they were not from your
family but they did this just for you so that you can live
peacefully and enjoy your life.
What is your duty? Nothing please ask question to the ruling
government in your state or to central government
How many soldiers we will loose due to these traitor or maoist

Why not the government take any serious against them?
Is our duty to vote any party not toward soldiers who protect
from enemy every time??
Why not anyone dare to ask question to these ruling party why
we vote??
Is it called democracy ??
please ask question when will the traitor caught because these
traitor are the roots of a very big problem??
If you don’t dare to ask question then be ready because you are
not so far to watch such scene in you family.
Thank you….
CONCLUSION-The solution for this problem is that
Find each traitor and maoist and hang them publically.
Why we not use detecting device to detect them.
If they have advanced weapons then we have too use them
why cann’t we??
They are not any international terrorist they are just
maoist,they will not ran out from India .

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!