Flawed Family Reality shows

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There are many family shows ( Telugu and Tamil mainly) these days in channels claiming to solve the problems of the married lives. Keeping aside their genuineness and problem solving they are doing more damage than good to the society. Here there are many issues to discuss upon,

1. Whether these shows really solve their problems?

2. Do these resolutions made in the show stand?

3. Are they doing harm to those children in the shows in the garb of saving their future?

4. Are there no other alternative ways to solve the problems?

5. Whether these shows are educating public about the available legal solutions or they are something else ?

6. Do such shows have legal validity and whether they are against any provisions of Constitution? Let's see them in detail.

The grandeur of these shows (with a veteran actor, background score, glossy stage etc) allows the TV channels to earn huge revenue in terms of TRP ratings. So there will be opposition to my views. Coming to the reality, when persons are placed before camera and when they know that they are being judged, their behavior won't be the same as that will be in reality. These shows exactly provide such platform. The judges and anchors in such shows seem prejudiced and they lack any experience in dealing such sensitive issues. And to that extent the treatment of parties will be biased. A family issue needs to be treated carefully and slowly. Because it's a very delicate fabric. If you hurry the solution, it may break or leave knots on it. The promises and conclusions made in these shows are very fast and they lack proper evaluation. I doubt whether those parties will stick to their words after the show.

Coming to the case of children which they (TV shows) claim they are protecting; These shows are doing more harm than good for them. Whether it's a drukard father or an arguing mother ,for children they are their heroes. These shows always try to portray someone as good or bad and this will affect these young minds. Though sometimes children are taken away from discussion they will be involved in these shows at some place. It will affect their thinking in long run.

Some may argue that these shows show reality to public and educate them. Really!? If you want to reform a society will you do it by regularly showing quarrels/fights ? I doubt it. If someone really cares so much about society, they can start a show which is completely dedicated to explaining available solutions and some positive /inspirational stories/lives. Everybody is right in his own point of view and will hold their privacy unquestionable. But aren't these shows involving in their personal sphere where no body could make comments?. How are they going to face the world once they are out of the show? This is a serious matter which may violate some Constitution provisions. But somebody may argue that these shows are reducing burden on judiciary or they are working as an alternative stage for their problems. But who are these guys to judge a matter ?Who are these guys to decide what can be done? Do they have legal permission to do so? No. If such shows want to act as a platform to such issues they can ask the public to contact them for advice. And such issues need to be studied carefully under a qualified authority and those parties should be heard. Then they can actually show them a way out but can't force them. All of this has to be done behind the screen not as a reality show which ends hurrily in an hour with some emotional music. These TV channels can only advice, not adjudicate because they can't do that. Yes we all want to remove the problems faced in families/society, but this is not the way for sure.. Hopefully the concerned bodies will take action on this and many thoughtful citizens support me...