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End gender discrimination

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I recently visited a nightclub in Bangalore with a few buds of mine and as I was paying my entry fee of ₹1500per person (STAG ENTRY), a girl and a couple of her friends just walked right through and guess what, free drinks too. This is just an example of modern day gender discrimination, women are used as bait to attract men and getting them drunk with free booze is all a part of it. With the onset of feminism I think women need to be respected and not mearly be used as  bait by pub managements across India. Both men and women need to be charged and treated equally. By overcharging the men and letting women walk in free almost all the days of the week it gives the men a sense of ownership of the women as they feel that they are paying for the woman's entry and drinks which is ridiculous and not safe for a women to get picked on. This is an open secret and somehow people have just found a way to live with it without raising their voice.Please sign this petition and end gender discrimination for good, this way both men and women can be treated and charged the same. 

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