Mismanagement in PreRMO EXAMINATION 2017

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This prestigious exam of preRMO exam was conducted on 20th August 2017 this year. However the same was conducted with following flaws:-

1. There were no instructions on paper. How to mark OMR sheet.
2. Which horizontal line is for unit's place and which one is for ten's place. So many students got confused.
3. The paper was very lengthy, there were questions with lots of calculations and case work involved but no rough work sheets were given to students.
4. The answers were supposed to be integers but the answer of Question No. 17 is irrational.
5. Question No. 22 was ambiguous and for Question No. 24 the data was wrong.
6. Question No. 11 was based on calculus which is not a part of RMO syllabus. Only 11th standard students will be able to crack this question and so it will be injustice to the other students.
7. Question No. 28 was based on an advanced concept, Carmichael numbers, which was just knowledge based and again not a part of RMO syllabus. What are we testing, their mathematical intelligence or knowledge and capacity of doing calculation without using rough papers?
8. Apart from the quality of paper, there were many other administrative hiccup as well:
A. At Powai KV Centre, the centre was unaware about the examination itself. Students were roaming around IIT Powai and finally after half an hour they were allowed to sit for the exam in some other centre at IIT Powai.

B. At Thane KV Centre, in two examination rooms OMR sheets were given 45 minutes late and there was power cut for around 10 minutes so students had to sit in the dark but extra time was not given.

All this is killing confidence of young students. IAPT should avoid this in future. Specially when India's performance in International Mathematics Olympiad is drastically going down. We should make all efforts so that good students are motivated to do mathematics and appear for these competitive exams.

We therefore putforth following recommendations to give justice to the students and avoid occurrence of hiccups as mentioned above.

a) To select more students from Mumbai region
b) Give grace marks for wrong questions
c) Take action against the institutes / officers who involved in the faulty examination process.
d) To take prompt action to avoid such incidence in future.
e) Any other action in the interest of students.