Action Against Country Club Vacations

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Despite of following all there instructions and the conditions by which they tied customers with the agreement Country Club Vacations is refusing to pay the refund.As per the agreement they instructed us to wait till 120 days to get the refund.After waiting for 120 days  they are insisting us to wait more 70-100 days.If you talk to them about legal actions for their careless ness they simply laughed at our face and expressed  as nobody can do us nothing and if you go through legally your time and money will be wasted.Here the customer and the common man is suffering in between this country club vacations and law. if we seek for justice its nightmare to us.Even law is talking 1-3 long years to solve the issue.Whom should we consult and seek for justice for this simply issue.Cant a customer charge interest on the company as they charge us for the late payment? Here the customer is suffering a lot for the mental agony and paying the interest for the amount that ccv has taken.Why don't we have right to sue the company?.We want the case to be solved on the spot as this is not an international or national or not even a state issue.(I paid money to an organisation to get service and they said if you cancel within specific time we will refund 120 days.I waited for 120 days they haven't paid and force us to wait more 100 days.The justice should be like this.Hey company if you don't keep your promise pay that guy with  18% interest).Why the hell do they take years of time in the name of investigation.Please change these investigation named delays.Please let us sue the company as much as we demand so that their fraud come to an end.