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The advertisements are having nudity involved in them. This is not the way a product ot be marketed. A deodrant is not to make women run behind men and show lots of sexual surrenderness to men.

There is lots of respect to women today. Also TV is watched by Kids, elders and many women themselves and its becomes insult to every one.

Letter to India TV
Many advertisements that are coming in telivision(TV) channels are now having lots of nudity. Let the advertisement be for bike, deodrant, perfume, bath soap, detergent all are using women and sexual temptations and nudity to market the products. This is not the way the product to be marketed. There are lots of ways to market a product in good way.

Firstly, please stop AXE advertisements. And other advertisements that contain nudity or sexual temptations please. This hurts every one and in increasing cases with attacks on women in India TV needs to be more sincere in helping country to respect women more and more.

hope you take action soon.

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