India should be more vocal about Myanmar massacre; help Bangladesh to shelter Rohingyas

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We, the citizen of North-East India, would like to draw your kind attention towards persecution of Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar and inhuman approach of Indian government to address the issue of Rohingya refugees in India.

Sir, as you are aware that Rohingya people in the Rakhine state of Myanmar have been subjected to inhumane cruelty. These persecutions on the part of Myanmar government have also been declared as genocide by the United Nations.

Sir, the ongoing mass killing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has shaken the human conscience and any person having minimum principles would condemn such heinous act as it is a crime against humanity at large.

Though the Rohingya issue is an internal matter of Myanmar and has serious regional security implications, it needs to be looked at from the humanitarian perspective as well. Although India is not a signatory to the AHRD, but as a neighbour with a functional democracy, India has a special responsibility towards Myanmar. We believe India should be using its decades of experience in democratic governance to steer Myanmar in its reform process, to become a full democracy that respects the rights of all and this includes being vocal on the humanitarian issues as well as human rights issues.

Sir, we believe India needs to be more involved and vocal in finding a sustainable solution to the Rohingya problem, as India and Myanmar share a 1643 km long international border along India’s Northeast states Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Hence, we people of North-East India are not exempt from the effects of Rohingya problem, as ripples from the violence continue to spread across Myanmar’s neighbourhood.

Sir, we are also apprehensive if the issue of Rohingya refugees is not addressed properly and timely it may create an issue for the Government of India and to the State of Assam in particular, as the people affected are taking shelter in Bangladesh and reports suggest they are illegally trying to take shelter in Assam which is already fighting for illegal immigrants.


Under the circumstances it is prayed that, this Hon’ble Court may take the matter suo moto and provide necessary directions to the Government of India to take up the issue firmly with Myanmar Government to stop prosecution of the Rohingya people. It is also prayed that Govt of India takes a humanitarian approach towards the plight of Rohingya refugees. Though we are not in favour of giving them shelter on Indian land, we want Govt. of India to have a detailed dialogue with Govt. of Bangladesh to offer the Govt. of Bangladesh financial as well as all other possible support so that they could provide the Rohingyas shelter and a sense of security.