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SentenceTo death ( Punishement For Rappist )

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A voice that is in my ears
Shouting begging for help
I feel I should have been there
But helpless

I can feel the pain
From head to toe
I know it's worst
It's killing you inside

The time and how many
You don't know
But no one was there to help is just you know
You tried to fight
To survive
But the evil went strong on you

Your soul speaks now
It was hard to speak before
This world is not the place to live anymore
People reacted with candles in there hands
Walked miles to show yes the war begins
It vanished like ghost
Candles went down
The case is closed
Now evils won the war

My soul is upset trying to find justice
Candles are not the option
You all have to stand up together
Change yourself then the world
I don't want to see anyone else
Suffering from the pain I went
I lost my life but no one else should

Yes evil rapped me
I was helpless
Scratched me numb
And I couldn't breath
They were many in numbers
And I was one
Each one came on me
Yes I still feel them all
I begged not to
They slapped and said it had to
At the very moment I lost my self
I was lying down for hours evils finished me at the end

I am your sister
I am your friend
Please stand for me
Not with candles
Make this world free for us
Heads held high no fear from evil
I know there would be the change
Yes yes yes
my friends
My brothers
Can feel my pain

Let's stand together
Make this world safe
Every human being have the right to live
Girls are goddesses
Respect them always
Without them I swear we are nothing
Let's be the voice for the hidden soul
Make the evil understand
No no no
Not anymore ........


I don't know what's in my mind, but it's around 4:34 AM
I saw a video
And words came out of it
I started writing
Have faith people will feel what I am feeling right now
As I just know one thing it's now or never.
I request the youths of India to stand for this be the power protector guards
Teach evils a lesson which they would never forget.

My appeal to government the punishment should be sentenced to death , that's the only step left to tell evils that's just it.

Please please please share this
And make this happen
This is important
It's now or never

- Shivam Sharma
General Secretary
Maharathaah Foundation





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