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The youth is falling for weed/cannabis/marijuana/ganja as it is called...and though it is illegal in our nation people of India think of it as a bad drug but the fact is that Marijuana is not harmful,it is the mixture what the sellers mix because its illegal and sold by local peddlers that is harmful. There is a difference between marijuana and the grass sold by most of the locals in India...they mix some harmful and cheap drugs which gives more high and even increases their quantity.... HEALTH BENEFITS Marijuana contains THC and cannaboids which helps muscles relax....Marijuana is Anti-Cancer&Anti-Tumor & medicine to many other health issues....Marijuana consumption notes no/less/unidentical changes to a person who consumes it less or moderately.These are not all of them they are just a bit of them benefits. ECONOMICAL BENEFIT Legalizing marijuana will hugely increase the nation's economy as Indian weed is demanded all over the world because of its sacred belief here.India's one of the major problem is employment & it can too be solved easily. Eg:Colorado witnessed rise of $40 million from marijuana tax which helped nations economy and developement and made it the fastest economically growing state in U.S. LESS CRIME RATES & CUT DOWN OF HIGH END DRUGS Legalizing marijuana ll be helpful for those people who just smoke this good herb and people think of them as druggies.People ll b less arrested.Legalizing marijuana ll also cut down the market of high end drugs as people ll find marijuana convienient than those high end drugs because nobody wants to get arrest.Marijuana should be legalized and be respectively discriminated from other high end drugs. Marijuana is much more safer than cigarettes. If marijuana is legalized and supply of it is handed over to expertized industries with strict ban of product adulteration & tested by officials before getting it into the market..there would be no other medicine in our nation to effect so much than the holy ganja. Documentary of MEDICAL MARIJUANA by an experienced doctor on youtube: The reason to legalize weed is that it is safe and it is proven by many and every medical institute/doctor that has tested marijuana that it is a safe herb and has many can read about its effects,benefits and much more by searching it on net or opening the following links: , You can also read a success story of a marijuana consumer here @ Mumbai Mirror's: Here is Colorado's success story as they legalized it a couple of years ago: #WEED,#MARIJUANA,#GANJA,#CANNABIS,#LEGALIZE THE HERB.