Petition Closed

The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) of India has issued an order to remove all of the country's elephants held by its zoos and circuses to national parks and sanctuaries.  The elephants now confined and exploited will be able to roam free.  About 140 elephants are affected.

Please take a moment to congratulate the Indian government for this big step in ending the exploitation of elephants.

Dr. B.K. Gupta, Evaluation and Monitoring Officer
CZACentral Zoo Authority
Annexe-VI, Bikaner House,
Shahjahan Road, New Delhi-110011

Phone # 91-011-23381585, 23073072, 23070375
Fax # 91-011-23386012

Letter to
Evaluation and Monitoring Officer  Dr. B.K. Gupta
Thank you for ordering the removal of elephants from your country's zoos and circuses, and placing them in sanctuaries where they can roam freely. This is an important step in ending the exploitation of these great creatures, and I hope all countries with zoos and circuses will follow India's example.

Animals should not be exploited by zoos and circuses. They all deserve to live freely.