justice for asifa

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i read about asifa and had tears rolling down my cheek ... why is this world becoming so cruel? where is the system? who do we trust?
my heart goes out to the family, i can't even imagine what they are going through ...
asifa is an eight year old girl who was kidnapped ,drugged ,tortured ,gang raped repeatedly for days and then was brutally mudered with her head smashed by a rock.
justice is being obstructed by a group of strange bedfellows of poilce/lawyers/plus assorted rabble.
the local politicos have formed something called the "hinduekmanch" and now this horrible murder is now getting a religious colour. people shouting and flashing my beloved indiantricolour.
sorry but i'm a very proud hindu and an india and i'm sick to the pit of my stomach at what's going on .
don't you dare sully the hinduism that i know and love and follow with your dastardly ways of deflecting attention.
don't you dare hide behind my glorious indian flag and use it to colour a murder with a nationalistic angle.
please speak up in your own way.
this has nothing to do with ANY religion and everything to do with justice and humanity.
if there's a modicum of decency in you i urge you not to stay quiet.
who should we go for help? to the goverment? or to god?
3 people raped her ... a priest , a police man , and a seventeen old boy ! the teenager is just asked to do a 3 yr reform because he is a minor and innocent! where has that innocence gone when he deicded to rape a girl who is of her sister's age?
if just a life imprisonment or a death sentence would prevent any other rapes in future ... asifa would not have been dead now! it would've stopped after nirbhaya's case only!
why didn't it stop?
because the mindset has not been changed!
it's the same old 19th centurymindset !
we girls are asked to come home before 6 , wear clothes which exposes very less skin ! those rapists are triggered looking at the face of the person itself ! what can we girls do now? completely cover ourselves ? what are we mummies??!
our dresses needn't be changed ! their mindset has to be changed!!!!
the death of these 3 should be the last and final warning to all the people out there!
they should be hanged in the public where everyone pelts stones at them !

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