India,Our Soldiers Do The Biggest Jobs. They Should Be Given The Highest Salaries .

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O Indians, You know that the biggest job of our country is being done by our Jawans. Then why not they be paid the highest. I believe the biggest tasks of the country deserve the biggest payments and if not all then most of the facilities should be provided to them and their families equivalent to our Ministers. 

After our President and Prime Minister, our Jawans should be the 3rd in order to be paid the highest followed by the Bureaucrats who burn the midnight oil struggling day and night to reach that position at 4th and then should come our Ministers.

Taking a stand for our bureaucrats today i must say that just like them, Are not our Ministers also serving the country, then if our bureaucrats should not need money then why should our ministers need money? They should surrender all their property for the welfare of their country men. The main thing is every person have some dreams for themselves and their families , and apart from being a true country men everyone has the right to live a good life. So bureaucrats need not be judged.

Also though our Jawans never would say it or want it because their souls are purely dedicated to the motherland  but it is our governments duty to serve them too, just like they serve us without being asked.

Salute to our braves who lost their lives in the cowardly attack in Pulwama.

Why not make their lives even better While they live. Why should they struggle in lives when they already struggle for our country.

While our government is making its plan to take revenge from Pakistan I request you Indians to raise voice for this. This will be the biggest gifts to our Soilders who are standing only for us !!! While we sleep at our homes they rise and protect us day and night !!! 

Let's join hands and support this petition till this bill gets passed. Lets Stand For Our Jawans !!!