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The unnecessary ban on medical grade Marijuana has not only led to the production of much more unnecessary illegal marijuana but also the loss of so many lives. 

the legalization of Marijuana will not only reduce the amount of felony and hardships on people but will also reduce the number of illegal drugs in the country.

Prescription based Marijuana will allow the people of the country who are supporters of this material live in peace. I believe that the legalization of medical grade marijuana is a very good and big step.

some people may say that the legalization of Marijuana will lead to abuse of the drug. But, look at live examples like Los Angeles and Amsterdam. They are better than any other country in the world. Their drug abuse rates have gone down by more than 75%. 

You can look at the reports I have attached here as proof. 

According to Dr. Melanie Dreher, a famous Reefer researcher who has done countless studies on the effects of Marijuana on the human body and the use of consumption during pregnancy, proves with her countless studies that children being born to a Marijuana consuming mother, has found no link to any form of birth defects and that the children tend to be smarter than children born to non-using mothers. Thus proving, Marijuana has far more advantages than disadvantages.

Marijuana is NOT addictive, yet it is completely and utterly legal to smoke cigarettes that ARE in fact, addictive and cause cancer among other side-effects. Not only do cigarettes kill you, they kill the people around you as well. Marijuana is not only a natural herb, it is ten times safer than any other Illegal substance known to man.

Let us join together to take this country forward ASAP.

sign this petition, so the Indian Govt. may notice us, our power and the need for legalization. 

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