India: Justice for Murdered 7 Year-old Christian Boy Martyred for his Faith

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India: Justice for Murdered 7 Year-old Christian Boy Martyred for his Faith

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Bro. Joseph Dias started this petition to Dr. Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India) and

After the case of burning alive Graham Staines and his kids - Another Shame.
Christians suspect a 7 year Christian boy killed by Hindutva fundamentalists?

Our appeal

1. Arrest the Suspects, who are Named
2. Re-Investigate the Case Independently
3. Exhume the Body & a Fresh Post-mortem

We hang our heads down. Anugarg (Anmol) - a seven year old Christian boy from the Believers Church, Gamidi village, Dungerpur District, Rajasthan is suspected by his family to be brutally murdered. His crime? He followed Jesus in a place, where Hindu fundamentalism reigns. The last we heard of such an inhuman act was the case of Graham Staines and his two minor children, who were burnt alive. The ghastly pics of the young martyr, Anugarg will knock you out of your senses. It is for this reason and out of deep respect and love for the boy, besides journalistic ethics that we are not publishing the same.

According to his father, Harish Gemethi, the child's face was mutilated beyond recognition, there were burn marks on his stomach, his toes were chopped off and one hand and leg were deeply slashed. “My son’s face looked as if he had been burned up,” he said. “His eyes, nose and ears were gone, and there was nothing that supported his neck. Yet, the police just refused to take any action. ”, he added. Martyr Anugarg, waving good-bye to his parents, went for his Sunday religion class on 17th November 2013, and it seems while returning home, he was dealt with in such a barbaric manner. 

Anugarg's father told me that Christians of the village have been facing persecution ever since, 45 people put their faith in Christ after witnessing the miraculous healing of his older brother in 2003. The believers patiently bore the suffering heaped upon them by the brute majority, but the torture going by the horrifying pictures taken of the dead body is spine-chilling. 

The Christian villagers, including the priests, whom we spoke to said the police and concerned local authorities, like the doctor or investigating officials refused to act and were engaged in a massive cover-up exercise. Many Christians reported threats to their life and property, with regular violent confrontations. At times, they were also forced to sign government stamp papers on which the fundamentalists wrote that if they were found worshiping, they would have to pay hefty fines. There were also reported instances of the hand pump of a Christian villager being broken to deprive the family of water and a socio-economic boycott of Christians is in place.

Harish Gemethi also told me that there were many loop holes in the investigation and there was every possibility of vital evidence being tampered or done away with. He said the panchnama (report of the dead body) and eye witnesses testified to the cruel suffering that Anugarg was forced to bear. However, the post mortem report reads the boy's body was 'normal' except for 'animal bites' and the child died of drowning.

Can't we do something more than pray about the situation? Are we not responsible to prevent another Anugarg? Please sign and forward this petition to as many human and freedom of faith lovers, appealing to the power-that-be for justice for martyr Anugarg, his family, the believers community and Indian Christians suffering persecution.

I request you to act on this brutal torture because...

* A barbaric act on a defenceless child is inhuman
* It qualifies as a rarest case calling for capital punishment
* It is a blot on India's international image as a secular nation
* Christians pray and do not retaliate against such persecution, which increases
* Civil society has zero-tolerance for murder or crime, especially against children
* Fundamentalists get away even with heinous crimes, since Christians are soft-targets
* It’s a serious attack on the right to freedom of religion - Universally & Constitutionally Recognized

Praying for all those who sign this petition and assuring you that we will follow-up with it.

Joseph / +91 9769 55 56 57 )
Indian Christian Activists Network (ICAN)
The Catholic-Christian Secular Forum (CSF)

- Evangelical Fellowship of India
- Alliance Defending Freedom - India

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This petition had 1,691 supporters

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