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My Honor, I'm from Bangalore, Karnataka state. Hope you are aware about state Government elections which happened this year, ie, few days back. Great..!!

Being a responsible person of India and concerning about the society, I'm raising this petition.

First of all, I would like to clear you that I'm neither from BJP or any political party. 

Today, I really feel ashamed after seeing this fight for State Government Power in Karnataka.

Since people of Karnataka was fed up of Previous government (ie, Mr.Siddharamaih Ex- CM Karnataka) made there valuable voting and made Congress not to form government again for next 5 years at-least

I meant, people were looking for either BJP or JDS to form government for next 5 years.

As a result, people selected BJP which got 104/222 HIGHEST among other political parties.

Finally, Supreme court judged that unless showing the proving the majority, BJP can't form the Government.

Now, tell me or just think over,

1.why the court decision made finalised in making such decisions, when people (Citizens) have already decided who should form government this time by voting/taking part in elections?

2. Do you think, in this Democratic Nation, there is value for citizens, who have given there votes and precious time in taking part in elections?

3.If this is the case, from next time, let's Supreme Court only decide which party should form the government.

4. So is it like,in every elections 2 parties with understanding can make government??Atleast, in this scenario Supreme court would have given correct judgement, ie, which party got highest number of votes, will be forming government this time, but unfortunately, it's not.

Please look on it.

Friends, please feel free to share your feedback and if you feel correct, please support me. Thanks.