Government Of India should pass an ordinance to build Ram Temple in Ayodhya

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Ram Janambhoomi is the birthplace of Lord Ram, who is considered to be personification of a virtuous living & under whose leadership Bharat / Ancient India was peaceful & prosperous for atleast a thousand years. 

The entire Hindu Population of the world reveres Lord Ram, he is considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu fulfills the role of preservation among the Holy Trinty. The other two being the roles of Creation & Transformation. 

Babar, commanding the barbaric hordes from the North-West of Ancient India, managed to conquer much of India through brutal slaughter of women, children & men of the period. His contempt for life was only matched by his hatred for Non-Muslims. He destroyed many Hindu Temples in India. Much of his Dynasty to be known as the Mughals in India, looted Indian Temples, Destroyed them, destroyed Universities of Religious Significance in India, Killed Many & Forcefully converted many to Islam. 

Ram Temple was one such temple of significance to all Hindus, in Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Ram, that was destroyed by one of Babar’s commanders, on his express instructions, and a Masjid was built on top of the ruins, to send home the message to Hindus that their heritage, traditions, customs, rituals, culture shall be demolished ruthlessly unless they willingly adopt Islam. 

Presently, Modern India finally has a Government in-charge that has the mandate to correct this historical injustice done to Hindus all over the world. The Masjid that stands has not been in use for close to a century, for any form of worship. We petition the Government of India to take action and do right by Hindus of the world. This painful chapter in the history of India needs to be put behind us, by building a Temple to Lord Ram, and finally reclaim the lost Indian Heritage and setting the wrongs of History, right. 

I urge all Hindus & righteous minded non-Hindus to support this cause for the Ram Temple to be built ASAP. I urge them to petition the Government of India to take the ordinance route, to re-build the temple of our Ram lalla, so ruthlessly destroyed by foreign invaders, who were imposing their foreign beliefs on the people of Ancient India / Bharat.