Dust free and wide roads in India by simply removing road margins

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Dear citizen, have you ever thought why there is so much dust while we travel on road? It's because of road margins of soil! Our every road has enough margins on both sides which creates chaos while driving vehicles.

Whenever any vehicle travels through this margin, lots of dust generated. This is the only reason why dust is generated on road. If the roads are built with full width leaving not a single inch of soil margin on both ends, there will be no possibility of generating dust. Also there are many other advantages like the road width will be increased, so travelling will become safe and number of accidents will be reduced. If there is no dust, there will be less pollution. Many respiratory and skin diseases will be reduced as well. People will be more happy and enthusiastic while traveling. If there is no dust, there will be saving on cleaning of vehicles and saving in water as well. I think this situation is not different throughout India. No doubt, the equality of road construction must be as per specifications which is another reason of damaging our roads and eventually creating dust! Also the encroachment is another chronic issue which shrinks our road width creating headache for travelling.

Finally, this attempt will support prime minister's Swachha Bharat campaign. So kindly support me so that Government will think on this initiative and take necessary steps to make Indian roads clean and wider...