India Elections 2019: Say NO to hate messages or religious agenda during election campaign

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India is a beautiful nation of multiple religion, culture, faith, race and color. The beauty of this country is in the variety. Today's political parties are trying to divide this country by spreading hatred and driving religious agenda just to win the vote. History has proved time and again that dividing people destroys the country. 

Many of the 2019 election campaign messages that are spread through facebook and watsapp are targeted to a segment of people  and the messages spread hate against one or more religion.The only purpose of these messages are to win the vote bank and deviate people's focus on things like religion versus country's developmental issues.

We, as citizens of this country should not let our nation to be divided again. We have to unite and force the political parties to campaign solely on developmental agenda

This petition is to request the Election Commission to enforce MODEL CODE OF CONDUCT during this election and ban campaign messages and take action against parties which spread hatred or religious agenda via social media or any other. Election campaign should be focused on the country's development.  

Say NO to hate messages during 2019 Election Campaign!

Say NO to religious agenda during 2019 Election Campaign!

Election Commission of India please take action.