Disrespecting our Army is not ON!

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Kashmir, an integral part of India has been gripped by Pakistan sponsored terrorism for decades. Thousands of civilians have been killed by these Pakistan sponsored terrorists. To combat this growing terrorism threat and to protect locals, the Indian government has deployed a large amount of military personnel in the region. For decades, Indian security forces have been fighting to protect Kashmir civilian from terrorists and Islamic extremists. These terrorists have committed numerous human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law, including torture and rape of civilians.

On, 9th April 2017, as part of their democratic right, Kashmir civilians were heading to polling booths for elections, despite a boycott call and death threats from the various terrorist groups. On the same day, a video emerged on social media showing Indian ‘Central Reserve Police Force’ (CRPF) personnel returning from a polling station. This video shows CRPF personnel being heckled and kicked by some youths. One CRPF man is repeatedly hit on the head and is kicked in his shin. It can be seen in this video how a mob kept walking with him and kept beating him while raising slogans. Despite continuously getting kicked and slapped, CRPF personnel showed a high degree of patience and kept walking quietly despite all the humiliation they suffered.

This is a very shameful act by some youths, who were hurling invectives and getting physical with the men in uniform. Disrespecting your army personnel, when they are trying to protect you is the lowest act. Don’t forget these are the same people, who spend their sleepless nights to ensure we are safe. If we are sleeping with our families peacefully, it is because of them.

I am highly moved and commend the restraint shown by CRPF personnel, who were armed with weapons, but they did not retaliate with any force.

Why you should sign it:

I urge people, especially of India, to sign this petition. To stand for justice and demand respect for our Jawans.

I urge people to sign this petition to bring those who disrespect our Armed forces to justice.

I encourage you to sign this petition, to bring these youths in front of the court and be charged with the full force of Indian law, including The Indian Penal Code Section 124A, Section 186, Section 333, Section 351and Section353.

I urge the people to sign the petition to draw attention of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Honourable Minister of Home Affairs, Shri Rajnath Singh

Let us join hands together for this noble cause and let us make our Army feel that they are really doing something for our country.

Stand up and sign it for Our Army, People of India and stand for Humanity.

Jai Hind


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