Dirty politics of Mr. Madan Chauhan with a young entrepreneur in Haryana - support Pinkesh

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Sharam se sar Jhuk Jata hai jab kuch aisa hota hai. Humare Pradhan Mantri Modi Ji khete hai Start  up India Stand up India. Aur yha kuch unka he Neta/Mantri unn Bacho ko Poliitics se Ganda Karte Hai. Ye bat hai Haryana Ki……..jara dhyan se pade kais eek Haryana ke Neta ne Bache pe mansik Atyachar

Nowadays India is shining around every corners of the world, but there still few things to get ashamed of, if you think it matters. Today, I am going to narrate a small incident, which took place in Yamunanagar, Haryana.

Start ups in India are blossoming every day, but what if Indian politics gets combined with Indian Start-ups. It will be dirty as hell, Am I right?

We are talking about a recent incident in Yamunanagar, where a young entrepreneur was harassed financially, physically and mentally. Pinkesh Khullar, founder of Bulk SMS India, a young entrepreneur from a small town was dragged into dirty politics game and harassed when asked for the payments for the service delivered.

A BJP president of OBC Morcha Haryana, Mr. Madan Chauhan, threatened and mentally tortured a young entrepreneur from Haryana. This happened when he tried to communicate with him for payments in one of his Facebook post. The post was really disturbing, as he was trying to show off his fake sympathy towards a labour class guy in the image shown below:




After watching this forgery post, Pinkesh got annoyed and asked him on his comments “Why you are trying to show off, you never pay hard earned money of poor people.” Pinkesh questioned his post, for a genuine reason. The reason is that he was fooled by him for the service he delivered to him from his Startup, Bulk SMS India.

After this comment, Madan Chauhan threatened him via police complaint and insulted him online as well.

I wanna know from these Netas, how can you do this to young entrepreneurs? How can sent threats to him using your political power, instead of clearing the due payments?

Start ups walo agli baar se aise Neta logo ke chakar me na padna. Apne aap ko ye Mazdoor neta bolte hai, par siyasat se range hue hai….thodi to milawat ho hi jaati hai.

To kripya Madan Chauhan Ji se nivedan hai Yuva ko Darao Mat Police complain se unko sahayta do.

I want all my Indian  brother and sisters to promote this more so that no other young entrepreneur suffer harassment from these corrupt political leaders in any form.


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