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E-Licence: Digitalise all the vehicle-related documents

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We the humans, often forget to carry the vehicle-related documents such as Driving license, Pollution check etc. It would be easy if there is any alternative to this problem.
Now, the digital era is running in India. Everyone is being updated day by day. People are gradually moving towards cashless transactions which we once thought impossible. So, even this problem can be solved.

I have an idea for this problem. The idea is all our documents should be digitised after inspection and then they should be linked up with our mobile number and aad haar number.

On doing this, if any traffic police ask for our documents, by using our aadhaar number or mobile number or biometric, all our documents can be visualised digitally by the traffic police.

Benefits of using this:-

1)There will be no scope for fake documents.
2)We need not carry too many cards in our wallets which have limited space.
3)There will be a reduction in the occurrence of accidents because the people who have good ability can get the license.
4)Even the payment of penalty can be avoided.

But, for this, there must be some changes to be made in the traffic police department such as they must be provided with certain equipment and they should be aware of the technology.

Hence I request the required support from government authority to execute this idea and make it handy for many people at the same time make their job easier with your support.

Thank you



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