Pollution Free India

Pollution Free India

6 August 2019
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India Central pollution control board (Central pollution Control board India)
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Why this petition matters

Started by Biswajit Goswami

Dear readers

This petition is addressed to Central pollution control board India,state pollution control boards and municipality corpaoration and nac's, urging them to reduce the amount of plastic and solid pollution by implimenting ,waste to energy technology and other methods been  passed by govt of india  and hon'ble supreme court of India

Globally, we are facing unprecedented levels of plastic consumption at over 300 million tons a year, most of which, due to the indestructible nature of plastic enters our marine and terrestrial ecosystems, posing great threat to nature and life. Over 100,000 marine animals, spanning at least 267 speciesare known to be killed due to plastic ingestion annually with the species survival of many threatened; over 90 percent of all sea birds and over 50 percent of all sea turtles have eaten plastic. Fragmented micro-plastics have entered our food chain through sea plankton, fish and salt, threatening human well-being. 

Reducing plastic  and solid waste consumption is an urgent need and requires a concerted effort from government, citizens and corporates alike. To this end we seek your cooperation in reducing plastic and solid consumption by providing waste to enegry technology to all the municipality corporation across India and nac areas

 Waste to Enegry 


Waste to enegry is a morden technique by which we can reduce the pollution rate without causing any harm to environment ,this issue was raised by many notable socailist ,enviromentalist ,one of them Mrs Almitra patel who filed petition against union of india in Supreme court and the won,then the supreme court passed it to ,National green tribunal years back to immplment waste management ,after that i been personally made enquiry and got to know all the file amd project been done but not moving forward ,lots of money been expended by govt official ,but still we facing the problem ,solid pollution been dumped in near area of city and also burn by which dengerous air pollution happens and the govt dosent care of that,and due to dumping it also casue natural water resouces pollution and blocakage of water sources below soil

So to over come from this we need to immpiment waste to enegry process in very city of our country mostly very fast ,to check and reduce pollution amd make a healthy environment and also generate revenue from energy for the socity ,

If you believe in this cause, please sign this petition requesting these companies to take appropriate action. Thank you for your support!


Biswajit Goswami (social activist)


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Signatures: 58Next Goal: 100
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