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Stop the tabloids publishing scare stories about spiders and other invertebrates!

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Every year the tabloids publish scare stories about "monster" spiders invading our homes just to bite our toes, or "killer" wasps and hornets plotting to murder us... I for one am sick of it. Not only are these stories full of false facts and scare tactics but they are responsible for increasing the number of invertebrate deaths around the whole country!

Whilst the freedom of the press is important, it should not be used to publish false facts designed to instil fear in the population, especially amongst those with preexisting arachnophobia. Descriptions such as "gruesome giants" and "Hideous creature" (MailOnline, 01/10/17) are personal opinions - I believe that descriptions should be purely objective and scientific. Additionally phrases such as "arachnophobes should look away now" (Mail on Sunday, 30/09/17) and "UK homes to be invaded" (The Independent, 02/10/17) are also inappropriate, scaremongering and unrepresentative of the facts.

I propose that the media be banned from publishing this kind of story on the basis of aiming to promote biodiversity and encourage the populace to help conserve our native invertebrates. Fear arises from misunderstanding - the press should be publishing stories intended to quash fear, not promote it.

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